Simple Ways to Keep Your Home Organized

cleaningIt might interest you to know that most of the things we ignore at home are the core reason behind the disorganized appearance of rooms. For your information, home organization is all about the simple habits we form. You do not have to get training to know how to organize your home. It is just a matter of developing good habits and considering it your absolute obligation to maintain cleanliness and an organized image for your home. You must remember that the appearance of your home significantly defines who you are.

Below are some habits you can form to keep your house organized and in the right order at all times:

Develop a System
It is very common for people not to be organized because they don’t have an organization system.  Keeping track of all chores and to-do lists is almost impossible.  By using a management system, you can have peace of mind, while still getting things done.  You can use your phone app, but if you are like me you like a physical copy.  A home management binder is a great resource to keep track of everything.


Keep Your Shoes Clean on The Rack
Most people have the tendency of keeping dirty shoes on the rack. If that description defines you, then it is about time you dropped the habit altogether. The fact that you have spent the larger part of the day outside and your shoes are dirty does not mean that you should store them like that. It will not take you more than 3 minutes to dust your shoes or better still polish them. That will work as an effective move in keeping your house organized. You might suffer shame when dirty shoes are seen by your guests.

Make Your Bed
This is the most common thing that most people tend to forget. Making your bed is not something that calls for a lot of efforts. In fact, it is the simplest thing to do since it does not take much of your time. What most people do not know is that making your best has a lot to do with your image. Anytime your guests find your bed disorganized, the conclusion they make is that you are also disorganized. It is important to ensure that your foundation is properly organized with clean bed sheets.

Blend Your Curtains
One mistake that most people make is to consider curtains as a privacy enhancing tool only. For your information, there is more to curtains that you might think. Aside from ensuing privacy in your home, curtains also complement the beauty of your house. They go a long way in creating an impression of whether or not your house is organized. It is therefore critical to give special attention and focus on your house curtains.

It is strongly advised that you keep the curtains clean at all times. In addition, the curtains should be properly blended such that the impression created is really complementing. If possible you can get curtains that demonstrate similar theme to that of your house. That way, you will show your design consciousness to any person who visits you.

Mop Your Floor
It might sound really simple and even mediocre to some people. However, it is one of the most vital steps you can take towards making your house organized. It might interest you to know that anyone who visits your home will have his first focus on the floor. Any dirty is highly noticeable from afar and it can really tarnish the image of your house. The other parts of your house can be really clean but if the floor is dirty, everything turns tasteless.
It is greatly advised that you take enough time scrubbing the hidden parts of your house floor. Your aim should be leaving the floor sparkling clean. All stains developing should be removed using the best cleaning agents.

Vacuum The Carpet
This is also a way of improving the appearance of your house floor. Some people have the perception that carpets take a very long time before getting dirty. On the contrary, carpets are more sensitive than you might have thought. They tend to attract dust fast especially those made of fabric. It is therefore very necessary to ensure that your carpet is vacuumed at least daily. It does not take long to clean a carpet yet doing so is a bold initiative of keeping your house organized.

Mount Your TV
If you have a plasma television, it would be a great idea to mount it on the wall instead of placing it on a stand. This is a way of utilizing the space on the wall and decongesting the ground part.


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Important Ideas on How to Organize Your Living Room

One thing you should understand is that the living room of your house has a lot to do in communicating your personal image. Other rooms may not convey much but the living room will. Note that your guest’s first destination will be your living room. This means that the first impression is created by your living room. That said, it is important to do all in your power to ensure that the appearance of the place is remarkably bright.

Everything must begin from the doorstep. In fact, your primary emphasis should be making the entrance attractive and at the same time appealing. This should feed a positive mindset in your guests that the place they are about to enter is indeed an organized one.

Here are some simple things you can do to make your living room organized and appealing:

Get A Wastebasket
Instead of using a trash can in your living room, a wastebasket can work as a perfect substitute. A wastebasket is meant to reduce clutter in your living room in a descent way. The good thing about wastebaskets is that they are presentable in appearance. In fact, they are more of a complement than a wastebasket. In this regard, they can be used to create an appealing image of your home.

The interesting thing is that there are so many types of wastebaskets which can perfectly fit your home décor. It is just a matter of choosing one that matches the theme of your house. Important to note, the waste basket in your house should be positioned close to the main entrance. Better still, you can place it at the rear entrance to the living room. The main idea is to ensure that the wastebasket is easily accessed by any person.

Position Portraits Strategically
One thing for sure is that pictures can go a long way in enhancing the appearance of your living room. The problem is that if the portraits are not positioned in the best way, the taste of their beauty may not be felt. It is important to note that paintings carry a particular message, and that is why they should be positioned explicitly.
All portraits should be placed in such a manner that any person entering the living room will notice them on first sight. Others should be placed in a way that any person seated in the lounge can see them. In other words, you should aim at communicating the massage in portraits with a bang.

Arrange Couch Pillows
You will realize that modern couches are coming with independent pillows. This is indisputably and elegant trend. The problem is that such pillows might appear misplaced if they are not organized. Most people tend to forget the importance of arranging such pillows hence painting a negative image of their living room. It is understandable that such pillows are bound to scatter especially if you have young toddlers in your home. However, this does not mean that you should leave them disorganized.
Anytime your guests come and leave your house, the first thing you should do is to reorganize the couch pillows. Each pillow must assume its respective position to avoid theme crashing. If stained, the pillows should be wiped with a cleaning agent to restore their attractive appearance.

Create A Play-zone
Any person with little children can admit that they can become a total mess in the living room. However, you can find a way of organizing your kids and your living room alike. One of the best ways to do so is by creating a play zone. The area should be fair and open, such that your children play freely. You can create an obstacle to bar your children from reaching the primary living zone when playing with their toys.

It is advised that you use one of the far corners of the living room as the play place. This helps in creating some form of seclusion from the main living room. Children will not have the chance to cross over to where you are sitting. They will be focused on their toys and nothing more. You can equip the play zone with all types of toys to distract your children and to keep them away from your sitting area.